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Bouncy, luminous locks never go out of fashion! Our beauty experts know that natural ingredients are irreplaceable when it comes to hair-care, so they present you Rihla’s henna! 

A well known ancient hair beautifier and replenisher of weary hair, henna has been used since antiquity, mostly in the Arabian Peninsula, Carthage, India and Near and Middle East. Its rich source of antioxidants promotes anti-aging effects while reducing wrinkles and various blemishes when applied on skin. These benefits are complemented by antiviral and antibacterial properties that may protect the skin and support wound treatment.  Add henna to your beauty rituals and feel the difference!

Yemeni Henna - حناء يمنية

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    • prepare and use a homemade henna hair pack
    • prepare a homemade wound paste for burns or eczema

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