What is Oud?

Oud is a resinous heartwood from the Aquilaria species, an evergreen heartwood from the Thymelaeaceae family. The heartwood is historically used for religious, therapeutic and perfumery purposes. The resinous heartwood is found in certain trees. Only the Aquilaria trees with this infection actually have aloeswood. 


Oud chips are mostly burned on charcoal or using an electric incense burner to perfume the rich fragrance produced in form of thick smoke. In most cases, this fragrance is used during special occasions such as weddings, love-centered occasions or during relaxing moments. In the Arabian culture, it is a traditional gesture to pass Oud or Bukhoor among the invited guests as it was viewed to be a hospitality gesture. Additionally, the guests would feel the warm welcome in that homestead through the fragrance produced.

Oud is known with different names such as aloeswood, calambac, agarwood, gaharu, and eagleswood.