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Ready for walking down memory lane all the way to grandma’s cookie jar? Try Rihla’s anise seeds and enjoy the recognizable warm fragrance and taste. Even Ancient Romans  praised the aromatic power of anise, adding the seeds to festive cakes that were served as the sweet round-off at feasts in order to prevent flatulence or indigestion.

Abundant in anethole, an essential oil that provides their sweetly fragranced bouquet with a unique flavor, these seeds are also rich in B-complex, vitamin-C, vitamin-A and minerals such as iron, copper and potassiumm full of antioxidant and health promoting properties. Traditional medicines highlight anise seeds as antiseptic, antiinflammatory, carminative and stimulant agent.

The hidden gem of sweetly scented kitchens!

Superfood Anise Seeds

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    • use them in a variety of savory and sweet dishes, confectionary, biscuits, pastry
    • use them as a flavoring base for homemade soups, sauces, herbal teas 


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