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Meet Rihla's ajwain seeds! Spicy but sweet, they're framed with full fragrance and flavor. Ayurvedic practicioners praise their medicinal qualitives as they're carminative, antibacterial and antifungal agents.

Boiled in water, these seeds turn into a decoction used as traditional remedy for digestive ailments in the East and as occassional medicinal ingredient in China. 

What's the taste like? Well, food experts compare it to oregano and cumin or, in other words, a perfect companion to salads.

Rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, ajwain seeds are linked to improving immunity and metabolism as well as protection of oxidative stress in cells. 

Get creative and add some Ajwain seeds to your favorite recipes for extra flavor and crunchiness.

Superfood Ajwain Seeds

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    • enrich your salad by adding a dash of seeds
    • boil it and make a spicy herbal tea (add honey by preference)
    • grind it and customize your spice mix
    • chew a spoonful of it every morning to improve health
    • add it to savory dishes including pastry, salads, crackers, chicken, fish, sauces
    • use it in pickling along with fenugreek, mustard seeds and turmeric 


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