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Your New Home Mind & Body Workout? Decluttering!

Although at times our everyday may seem chaotic, we must always remember to seek things that make us joyous and full of life. Some people find joy in friendly chit- chats over coffee or when listening to their favorite song. Others enjoy spending time with their families while there are also individuals who feel amused and happy when tidying and organizing. Some may find spring cleaning a real chore but why not try turning on your favorite tune this weekend and open up your drawers and check through wardrobe shelves?

You may find yourself surprised by the amount of things you never use or need. You will surely find a pile of things you’ve forgotten about. So why keep them when you don’t need them?

The process of getting rid of the things and items you don’t need but take up space in your home or office is called decluttering. When you declutter, that means you not only toss away old. long- forgotten, never-used things but also an opportunity to donate or swap with items and prolong their sustainability.

Simply, keep what you need, give what you don’t to someone who needs it! So how do you start decluttering?

Firstly, start with the entrance of your home. Take down pictures you don’t like for a long time or an extra cork board that hangs half empty. One is enough! Use an air refresher after cleaning to add up.

Open up your pantry and organize food by categories. That way, you can find what you need prior cooking in a quick, easy way!

Walk around rooms and dispose of unnecessary items such as shredded documents, piles of mail or notes.

Enter your bathroom and check your cosmetic and/ or cabinet. Toss away old and expired products that may be harmful to use.

It is very important to stay motivated in the long run in your decluttering pursuit. In order to build and maintain a routine, find your favorite time to tidy. Whether it’s in the morning or in the evening, you can try mixing up tidying with family time or work if you’re a remote worker.

Finally, after you have finally completed your mission treat yourself with a cup of hot tea or coffee! You deserved it!

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