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Work From Home but Stay Fit and Well

If you have recently become a remote worker, you probably faced the challenges of a new routine in which you still must remain productive and healthy. To some people, novelties bring freshness but to others can be an overwhelm. Regardless, don’t forget that self- care is crucial when adapting to a new lifestyle. All you have to do is adapt and seek for the benefits from home working.

Here are some tips that will help you stay on track and preserve your productivity as a remote worker!

1. Create a consistent schedule and stick to it

Make sure you get up on time everyday and make that early! Regardless of whether your conference call is delayed, or you may prolong your deadline till the end of the weekend, stick to a set wake and bedtime time. This will help you feel oriented during working hours and prevent you from procrastinating. Don’t leave too wide gaps in your schedule. Add cooking, light exercise, chat with friends and mealtime to keep the time structured.

2. Pajamas off, pants on! Yes, every single day!

Yes, we know that wearing your bottom PJs and strolling around the flat with no make up on can be a thrill but trust us, it won’t take long before you feel miserable and gross. Getting ready for work is a vital part of working in general so select some comfy, casual outfits and don’t let that laziness get your looks. Of course, shower and comb your hair on a regular basis!

3. Create your working nook

Yeah, we know that when you work remotely, you carry your office in your laptop. However, studies have shown that human beings associate positive habits with specific space, so browse your home and find the place where you’d feel most comfortable during long hours of working. Make sure you have a constant Internet access, extra plugs and a place for your tea/ coffee cup 😊

4. Have a break or: eat well, stay hydrated, do you workout

One of the greatest and most convenient thingс while working remotely is that you are free to organize your time as you wish. So no more excuses for not having enough time to cook healthy meals or do some light exercise at least. Have a break and do some stretching to relax muscles or have a glass of water and a nutritious meal.

5. Set and respect working hours

Working from home doesn’t have to mean that you need to stretch working tasks “to infinity” or burn out prior deadlines. By following a structured working schedule, you will start and finish your work on time, breaks included and you’ll save up some time for yourself or your dear ones at the end of the day!

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