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Transform Your Home and Let Light In!

Living in the chaos of the outside world, stucked between daily encounters, tasks, talks, email and sensations can be quite an overwhelming challenge. Therefore, home is the place where we long to retreat as we may charge our physical and mental batteries and indulge into self-care.

When we give our home the intention it deserves, its space pays us back with bright energy and comfort to enjoy in. When you keep your home clean and tidy, you create a healthy living space.

Here are some recommendations by wellness and interior designs for a wellness home makeover:

1. Tidy home= healthy you

Clean your home regularly and keep things and spaces tidy in order to feel calm and organized. Messy spaces create confusion that may lead to deterioration of mental and consequently, physical health.

2. Pack a healthy pantry and kitchen cabinets

Make sure you buy healthy products for meal preparations and make a pantry and kitchen cabinets stocks of ingredients you mostly use. Make a list of pantry and kitchen cabinet essentials and stick it on its wall. That way you will know that you have everything you need next time you cook, and you won’t get sidetracked during grocery shopping, ending up buying junk food or food you won’t use.

3. Choose the right lightning

Light rooms generate and reflect positive energy. Light is a source of life and vigor so try to use natural light in your home as much as possible, especially if your work remotely or just spend most day hours inside. In favor of the irreplaceable goodnight sleep, the place in your home that deserves to stay darker is your bedroom.

4. Save a wellness nook for “me” time

Create a space in your home that will inspire relaxation and calmness and use it as a healing corner from everyday stress. Add some candle lights or a coffee table to have a daily dose of your favorite beverage at the time you choose.

5. Nighttime rituals

Having a pleasant ambient in the room where you rest your body and mind after the long day is a very important aspect of a long, healthy life. Prepare your favorite tea, spray a calming scent on your bed linen such as lavender and keep up with this routine every night. Routines make us feel safe and more relaxed and this is a prerequisite for a regular sleeping cycle.

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