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The Secrets of Fresh, Youthful Skin that Glows

Rules and standards over beauty have changed in the course of history. However, we may conclude that skin care is a category that is permanently important. Nurtured skin and its glowing look has always been a beauty imperative and a beauty goal of many women.

The secret of good- looking skin is in the self- confidence and satisfaction, and your skin will be thankful if you provide her with the daily dose of minerals that you may take through your diet.Almonds, hazelnuts and various seeds are a great source of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Also, you should make sure you provide the daily dose of collagen for your skin by taking enough protein. On the contrary, you may early recognize the initial signs of aging as the production of elastin and collagen is gradually reduced after the age of 25. Other factors such that boost the aging process are insomnia, exposure to sunlight with no UV protection, smoking, excessive stress, poor diet etc.

The main anti-age method related to skin care is the use of collagen, the most dominant protein in our body. The collagen makes our skin look toned, smooth and strong. Some studies suggest that a regular intake of liquid collagen after the age of 30 may enhance creating new amounts of collagen that would rejuvenate the skin. Also, stress relief methods and techniques play an important role to our youthful appearance.Calm, balanced spirit and mind cause proper functioning of bodily systems and therefore,nurture and “spare” exhaustion or burn out of the body- affects the skin health too. Try to spare some time in the day for “me” moments” to release stress and save up energy. Put the kettle on, tuck into your PJs and relax by reading or meditating.

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