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Start a New Life Journey with these 8 Affirmations for Positive Changes

These affirmations will awaken your soul and help you live in a state of joy and easily follow the vision for your future that has its own meaning and goal.

Our soul may help us discover what really makes us happy. It can help us feel exhilarated and full of hope and to navigate our life toward the highest virtues. If you feel that focusing on your soul is a far- fetched concept, then try to sense that restless feeling inside you that anticipates toward emerging in the world.

These soul- awakening affirmations may help you live in a state of happiness and easily follow the vision for your future that has its own meaning and goal. It may help you in these challenging times to free yourself from any negative thoughts and bad habits, to vibrate high up and see that you are the creator of your own destiny.

1. I follow a new direction, I live in high vibrations and I help the world.

2. I am ready to follow my dreams and today I will take the next step.

3. I am full of positive energy at all times and I make positive relationships.

4. I fuel the passion of my soul in order to live my highest potential.

5. I replace fear with love in every moment.

6. When I start to believe that I can, then I can.

7. I step into each new day by visualizing the path that will provide me to help the world.

8. I let go all of my negative thoughts and beliefs and I create positive outcomes in my life.

How to use these affirmations in order to increase their effectiveness

A perfect way to use affirmations is to write them on a piece of paper each morning and at night (x 20 times). Pour a new ritual in your cup in the morning, pull out that long-forgotten notebook from your drawer and start or finish your day with writing. This habit will improve two crucial parts of the day- the morning and the evening. When you wake up and before you go to bed, your brain releases smooth alpha waves and at that time, your subconscious mind is open and ready to accept changes.

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