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Home Tea Rituals for Calm Spirit and Healthy Body

Sticking to a routine and specific rhythm during work or daily life, in general, make us feel safe, grounded and more relaxed. Mornings are a perfect opportunity to start down a healthy track during the day. A cup of warm tea is a perfect kick starter of morning rituals that may stretch to breakfast preparation and body care.

Wellness experts share several tips on how to implement tea rituals and indulge in self-care:

1. Create a tea-time space

Choose a nook in your home you find to be most comfortable and use it as a retreat while pouring down your new mind & body healer. Put some comfy cushions and bring a few of your favorite books.

2. Reward yourself with tea during breaks from work

Treat yourself with a cup of your favorite tea after you have completed your tasks. Try swapping coffee breaks with tea rituals and see the effects of improved hydration. Your skin will glow and your body will feel detoxified.

3. Sip in early morning and match tea with current mood

Mornings provide you a calm, undisturbed time for yourself. You can relax, follow your thoughts and gently step in the day. For start, have a good quality tea as a morning beverage and add some soothing herbs for bedtime tea.

Matcha and oolong teas can give you the needed morning boost while chamomile and lavender will relax your body and nervous system and prepare you for sound sleep.

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