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Essential Herbs and Spices for Your Kitchen

You’re having friends over dinner but those extra urgent emails prevented you to start cooking on time. While in a rush to finish that new recipe before the doorbell rings, you may find trouble finding the spices you need because you’ve neglected the essential spices from your spice cabinet. Here are the top 10 essential herbs and spices that you ought to have in hand in your kitchen. Save up time and energy and add them to your grocery list as mandatory next time you go shopping!

1. Black Pepper- a classical- must that add flavor to any savory dish

2. Chili Powder- a spice that adds up warmth and a dash of stark flavor

3. Cinnamon- a magic touch for sweet and savory food

4. Cayenne Pepper- perfect for soups, broths and vegetable dishes

5. Cumin- a nutty amplifier of flavor for pastries, Lebanese and Indian dishes

6. Curry Powder- a blend of spices that adds a rich taste and yellowish color

7. Garlic Powder- a great substitute for fresh garlic in recipes

8. Vanilla Extract- essential for baking any sweet pastry

9. Dried Thyme- fragrant herb that works perfect with meat preparations

10. Dried Rosemary- herb with an exquisite Mediterranean aroma

Let your imagination play and wonder when cooking. The essential herbs and spices may accompany a wide array of dishes, all you need to do is to experiment. Start getting creative in the kitchen by adding new spices is your usual meal choices. Ground garlic in creamy risotto? Zesty spice blend in chicken tacos? The answer is yes!

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