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Care Habits and Rituals for Female Beauty, Health and Joy

Taking care of your body is not spending a day in the spa once per year but a continuous self care.

Our body is our pillar. A woman that constantly reprimands her body is not a woman who takes care of herself. Body care and mental health care are interconnected.

Care habits

The habit of getting enough sleep Is the staple of beauty. A lack of sleep may decay physical beauty, disbalance the hormones, provoke anxiety, restlessness and depression. It also enhances lines and wrinkles.

Have some rest when you are tired. When you prevent yourself to rest when you’re tired, you risk gaining extra weight, start becoming anxious or slightly depressed.

Eating healthy and tasty food is also very important. A woman who loves herself will not eat junk food but will treat her body as a caring parent would treat his/ her child.

Workout is also important, and we encourage you to do it however, your priority must be a good rest and a 20 minute walk during the day. Our bodies are made to move, otherwise they will decay. However, excessive workout also harms the body, so balance is mandatory!

When you move, you burn calories but also invigorate your body and soul, since to move is to live! Love yourself and don’t stop moving even when depressed, exhausted or morose.

Taking care of your body is the most rewarding thing you’ll experience because it provides healthy life and mindfulness.

Love your body the way it is, and it will return to your love with good health!

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