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There are 4 Types of Personality: What is Your Type?

Do you know your personality- psychologists emphasize that all people may be differentiated in these 4 types of personality:

According to the scale of personal traits, you may find out what is your type of personality, and here are the 4 principal types according to experts. So sit back in your favorite chair and find out!

Professionals of psychology have analyzed 1.5 million people and then concluded that there are only 4 types of people: average, egocentric, prototype, and reserved.

Here is a short review of all 4 types of personality:

1. Average- people who are rather anxious and reserved for new experiences. This type of personality is most common.

2. Egocentric- people who keep things to themselves and are hardly observant or reliable. But the older they get, they improve.

3. Prototype- in general, they are mentally stable and as time goes by, they become more of a prototype. These people are open to new ideas and stable. Their best ideas spark up when surrounded by their favorite persons whether during a coffee break at work or the dinner table in their comfy home.

4. Reserved- they are emotionally stable, but they are not open toward other people. They are moderately observant and trustworthy.

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