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Meditate to Fight Insomnia: How to Fall Asleep More Easily

If you feel tense and have a problem sleeping at night, here are some suggestions on how to relax with the help of meditation.

Many people suffer from insomnia due to excessive stress that causes tension and anxiety that burdens our careless falling into sleep. Sleeping is essential to our health but since we all have different routines and tasks throughout the day, you may want to find what's most convenient to you when it comes to incorporating a healthy cycle of sleep. For some of us reading a book in bed can be an efficient way to relax while others would find a cup of warm tea to be their best insomnia reliever. The calming and soothing effects provided by tea make it a great complement to the meditation practice and often served in-between meditation ceremonies and practices.

Meditation is also one of the best- proven ways that may help you sleep better. It is a method of body relaxing that effectively calms the mind and the body and causes inner peace. When you meditate before bedtime, you may significantly reduce insomnia by creating an all-rounded state of calmness in the body and mind.

When you meditate, you experience different psychological changes. These changes may awaken specific processes in your body. According to medical researchers, this state causes a multitude of effects. Not only that it helps the process of relaxing but it also improves the control of the nervous system. Meditation also enhances the production of melatonin, serotonin and it hinders the pulse and the blood pressure while activating the parts of the brain that control sleep.

Focus on breathing. Find a quiet and peaceful place where you may sit or lay down. Close your eyes and breathe slowly, inhaling and exhaling. If a thought of something pops up, just let go and focus on your breathing.

Meditation means focusing on the present moment. It enhances the consciousness of your own consciousness, your body, and your breath. While sitting and breathing in, count to ten and then again while breathing out. If you notice a stream of thoughts, just let go and return to breathing.


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