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Let's Cook with <3 Today: Chicken Biryani

Healthy, tasty Chicken Biryani that can be served fresh up to several days later and save you a plenty of time!

Ingredients: 300g basmati rice, 25g butter, 1 large onion, finely slice, 1 tsp of Biryani spice blend, 4 skinless chicken breasts, cut into large chunks, 4 tbsp curry paste, 85g raisins, 850ml chicken stock, 30g coriander, ½ chopped, ½ leaves picked and 2 tbsp toasted almonds to serve


1.Soak 300g basmati rice in warm water, then wash in cold until the water runs clear.

2.Heat 25g butter in a saucepan and cook 1 finely sliced large onion with 1 tsp of biryani space blend.

3.Add 4 chicken breasts, cut into large chunks, and 4 tbsp curry paste. Cook until aromatic.

4.Stir the rice into the pan with 85g raisins, then pour over 850ml chicken stock.

5.Place a tight-fitting lid on the pan and bring to a hard boil, then lower the heat to a minimum and cook the rice for another 5 mins.

6.Turn off the heat and leave for 10 mins. Stir well, mixing through 15g chopped coriander.

7.To serve, scatter over the leaves of the remaining 15g coriander and 2 tbsp toasted almonds.

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