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How to Use Cinnamon as Dye:

Make this cinnamon mask and bleach your hair! Dye your hair without using chemical dyes that may damage your hair…

Cinnamon is not just a spice but a safe hair bleach. Not only that it will help you to bleach your hair but it will enhance its glow, softness and silky feeling. And think about that yummy smell!

By using this mask, you will also boost hair growth and fortify your hair follicles. The cinnamon is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Light-brunette and darker blondes will immediately feel the difference since a single treatment may change the color for up to three shades. Brunettes with darker hair tones must repeat the procedure several times more.

Cinnamon hair mask for natural hair bleach

3 tbsp honey

3 tbsp cinnamon

5-6 tbsp hair conditioner

The amount of these measures equals single need of this mask on a long hair. If your hair is shorter, you should half the quantities.

Mix all the ingredients. Wash your hair, then split it on tufts with a hair comb. Apply the mask on every hair tuft. You can apply it with brush or just use your fingers. However, don’t rub the mask in the scalp. Wrap your head in a plastic bag and in a towel. Leave it for 4-5 hours. Rinse well. If you want to bleach your hair further, repeat this process several times.

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