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How to Soothe Sunburns Naturally

After a hot day under the sun, whether at the beach or after a long jog at noon, you might notice mild sunburns that cause unpleasant feelings and even pain. Luckily, old home remedies are here to help us and you’ll be surprised to find out that you’ve already used many of them as breakfast food!

1. Cool water

A cool shower of bath will reduce pain and heat. Avoid scrubbing your skin and use extra bathing products like gels and oils. Use a natural soap and treat your skin gently.

2. Honey

Honey has been used as an after-sun lotion since ancient Egyptian times. Research has shown that honey reduces infection, minimizes inflammation and improves healing.

3. Aloe Vera

A cactus gel with anti-inflammatory effects that moisturizes skin. If you grow it at home, just take a leaf and apply the sap on skin directly. In other case, buy an aloe vera gel at the local health store or pharmacy.

4. Ice

Take several cubes, wrap them in a towel and apply on skin. Never put ice directly on skin as it may cause serious damage.

5. Oatmeal

Cook a cup of instant or regular oatmeal, let it cool and apply on skin. Or add some oatmeal in a food processor, then pour into tepid bath water. Oatmeal and warm water have a strong anti- inflammatory effect.

6. Milk

Soak a cotton cloth in cool milk and apply on the affected area to reduce heat and discomfort.

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