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Holistic Beauty Rituals that You Can Do at Home

Let us guide you through a holistic beauty detox that will clean your inner and outer self. If you stick to these simple suggestions for 40 days, your skin will start glowing and look healthy, but your mind will also feel the benefits!

Many people work remotely nowadays so there are probably more and more of use who just stopped wearing makeup. If you have given up make-up, your skin will be grateful since you have finally let it “breathe” and heal rapidly without struggling with thick layers of foundation, blush and other synthetic beauty products. In order to boost skin replenishing and regeneration, try this holistic detox.

This detox regimen consists 3 steps that will rejuvenate your skin from inside and outside but will also clear your thoughts and feelings which very important since your skin is sensitive toward effects from outside but also inside. It is advisable to stick to this regimen for 40 days at least and ideally for 3 months. When you notice your refreshed skin complexion, its toned appearance and moisture but also feel more energized, sense that inner peace and joy, we believe that the regimen will, in time, turn into a ritual.

A skin glow from the inside out

Food and diet are important elements in the process of detoxification and if you are considering to start with a single change, then eliminate sugar. Sugar weakens the collagen in the body and lowers the immunity. Also it may trigger inflammatory conditions in the body. In order to see results, try to eliminate all kinds of sugar and sweeteners from your diet, natural and refined included as well as sugar- substitutes. Limit fruits to green apples, lemon, grapefruit and blueberries.

Supplement regular nutrients by adding silica mineral that would enhance connective tissues in hair, nails and skin. The connective tissues need some time to be regenerate so the supplementation should be consumed over the period of three months to notice change. In order to maintain your gut flora that also affects skin, you should consider taking probiotics.

Organic cosmetics for organic beauty

Our natural vibration and sensibility does not match conventional, synthetic cosmetics that provides short-term, concocted feeling of softness and moisture. You should choose natural, if possible personalized cosmetics based on hydrolats, aromatic herbal oils and extracts as well as clay and herbal dust-based products.

Choose a cold-pressed oil rich in essential fat acids and vitamins to replace your day and/ or night cream. Avocado or wild rose oil would suit almost any skin type and its best to apply on skin by buffing,

Purifying green clay mask

Green clay mask is simple to prepare and can perfectly clean skin. It takes only 10 grams of green clay to mix with several drops or boiled or distilled water. Apply the mask on face, avoiding the areas around mouth or eyes.

Leave up to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use it 2-3 times per week in the course of 3 months.

Give yourself a facial massage

In order to rejuvenate your skin, try using your personally picked oil blends and apply products by massaging your own face. It ta

It takes only 2 minutes of massaging your face, in the morning and at night, to improve the blood flow and the skin- tonus and smooth any wrinkles.

Mind detox

We may nurture and care by using the most refined of products, take the best supplements but if our thoughts are unequivocally toxic, this would reflect on our beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to practice relaxing techniques and listen to your own body.


Daily meditation brings peace and an ability to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and to face everyday challenges in a better way. Take your time to meditate each day and introduce meditation in your daily routine according to your preferences. Our beauty does the invisible, it reveals the way we resonate around other people and the world.

Listen to your body, not your Insta adds

Our body constantly sends messages, so does our skin. It is very important to learn to listed and to relate skin changes to feelings and specific situations. You may realize what is toxic to you and what comes as a support. For start, feel the cream or the oil on your skin and see if it really suits your needs without thinking about recommendations according to your skin type.

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