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Give Gratitude a Chance and Change Your Life

When one grasps the present moment, each event turns into a chance for healing… Stop for a moment and just think about how grateful you are in life and to what.

Gratitude is not just a pleasant word or a kind gesture that we make when we respond with kindness. Gratitude shouldn’t be a result of our current life situation but a personal attitude that we’d nurture in practice- meaning. we become grateful to everyone, regardless of our opinion on whether they’ve deserved it or not.

Gratitude is the thing that replaces frustration with serenity, joy and happiness, because no matter what happens to you, you’ll perceive each event as a lesson and bliss. What you’ve once considered harmful or unjust you begin to understand as a fruit of your misunderstanding and wrong perception. Gratitude is an impulse that can turn our mental mechanisms from obsession to serenity, from hopelessness to creativity, from fear to love. Our ability to relax and be present at the moment comes naturally when we are grateful.

Gratitude means to slow down, open your senses for the world that surrounds you and feel the impression that your consciousness has in all that, in every next moment in your life. There is a simple test of how gratitude works- you can’t be simultaneously grateful and unhappy, you can’t have parallel feelings of gratitude and irritation.

The key aspect of gratitude is love. Gratitude also amplifies your ability to give, to make other people’s wishes and needs come true without expecting that you’ll get something in return. However, gratitude is not the same as relief. You can be grateful for your life, work, friends but feel relief because you are not ill. Gratitude is rooted in the truth inside you, while the relief lies in fears and anxiety. Relief implies that something might go wrong but that it is still stable. Gratitude, on the other hand, confirms that nothing can go wrong and there is nothing you need to repair.

In certain challenging situations, gratitude leads us to a better insight of our current life events and to leave our old perspectives regarding that. In that way, gratitude becomes an alternate state of thinking, change of orientation, an element of consciousness dedicated to love and acceptance of the world as it is. Expressing gratitude would challenge us to dive deeply into our life and see the good and beautiful things that would embellish the vastness of life.

Gratitude and faith are interconnected. In order to be grateful for everything in life, you must have faith in the wisdom of our universe, to believe that everything you carry inside your heart is chosen with a purpose to achieve the highest good in a lifetime.

If our hearts are filled with gratitude, there will be no room for fear. There’ll be only peace, love, forgiveness and understanding.

And isn’t that the meaning of life? When grateful, we embrace each new day and its multiple opportunities that await you become a chance to start all over again. You get a new chance to be better, more wonderful than yesterday. This world needs you and your life is grateful to have you. Now is the time for you to be grateful for your own existence.

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