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Take Care: DIY Body Butter

Try out Rihla’s natural hair food and include the Black Seed Oil in your body & hair-care rituals to keep your body and hair healthy and beautiful

Ingredients: 2 ounces coconut oil (approximately 1⁄3 cup), 2 ounces shea butter (approximately 1⁄3 cup) , 2 ounces cocoa butter (approximately 1⁄3 cup), 1/3 cup jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, 2 teaspoons arrowroot powder (optional – makes it not feel greasy on the skin, 15-30 drops essential oils (add more if you like), 1/2 cup Black Seed oil


1.In a double boiler or glass bowl, combine all ingredients except essential oils.

2.Bring to medium heat and stir constantly until all ingredients are melted. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.

3.Move to the fridge and let cool another 1 hour or until starting to harden but still somewhat soft.

4.Use a hand mixer to whip for 10 minutes until fluffy. Add essential oils and whip for another minute.

5.Store in a glass jar with a lid.

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