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Cinnamon Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

Cinnamon is a powerful source of medicinal benefits but it is also a top-rated spice in almost any diet or detox- program. The most aromatic spice in the world, the cinnamon, is present in every cuisine as a staple element of desserts but it is also used in traditional medicine and for weight loss. Research has shown that it may be used as a pound-shedding agent, so here are several recipes that will show you how to use cinnamon to lose weight and keep your health in balance.

1. Cinnamon lowers levels of fat and bad cholesterol in the body and acts as a fungicide, meaning, it destroys fungi and prevents their growth. By taking only half a tbsp a day, diabetes patients may decrease the sugar level in blood and activate the insulin.

2. Enhance your morning tea ritual by adding cinnamon and turning it into a slimming beverage. One cup of tea equals a tbsp of ground cinnamon and 2 tbsp of honey. Honey and cinnamon are strong allies in fighting excess body weight.

3. Make a healthy, low- calorie spread of 2 tsp of honey a half tsp of cinnamon and a half tsp of ground ginger. Spread it on a piece of toast during snack time.

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