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Buddhist Words of Wisdom that Will Transform Your Life:

A Q&A that reveals how to look at life from the best perspective. So sit back in your favorite chair, relax and read these soothing words.

What is the sharpest sword?

Words full of wrath and anger.

What is the most fatal venom?

Gluttony and lust.

What is the greatest flame?


What is the greatest reward?


What is the greatest lost?

Receiving different goods in life and not being thankful.

What is the greatest weapon?


What breaks friendships?

Envy and selfishness.

What is the greatest pleasure?

The moment when you realize that you have woken up in a new day.

At last, don't forget that small rituals at the end of the day can really make difference. Laughter at the kitchen table with your loved ones, an hour to reflect the day's impressions with a cup of your favorite tea or a healthy dinner to finish the day is a step toward a new, mindful you!

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