Small in size but incredibly nutritive! Rihla’s raisins are fully packed with energy and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. History books note that humans discovered raisins around 1490 B.C when they happened upon grapes drying on a vine. These dried fruits are a good source of iron, calcium as well as antioxidants that boost raisins with an exceptional quantity of phytonutrients such as phenols and polyphenols that are associated with removing free radicals from cells. Raisins are also rich in phytochemicals that promote antimicrobial compounds that may fight bacteria.

Add a sweet twist to savory meals and embellish your favorite desserts!

Premium Yemeni Raisins

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  • Use:

    • add them in classic homemade oatmeal cookies or granola 
    • spice up salads and meat dishes with a handful of raisins
    • add them in pumpkin, flaxseed or wholewheat muffins