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Turn Your Balcony into a Dreamlike Garden

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t fall for a luscious garden. But not everyone has the “luxury” to enjoy it at a step of their home. Those of us who live in flats and desperately long for yard to delve their green fingers in, may still find joy in gardening by creating a balcony garden full of flowerс and plants. Rest your eyes and start your day surrounded by lush greenery!

Here are some tips on how to make your own flora-filled balcony retreat:

1. Use light wisely

Before you opt for any plants and flowers that may seem perfect to your sense of interior design, check light and its position in your home. Some plants like ferns, begonias or fuschia prefer indirect light while others such as grasses, lavender, oregano and mint a large portion of full sunlight.

2. Find adequate planters

Make sure that the pots you are going to use are appropriate for the types of plants you have in mind. Also check if they have good drainage properties.

3. Use soil wisely

Opt for a soil that is designed for planters and cover it with mulch.

4. Learn how to make compost

Composts can be a great source of fertilizing material for your balcony garden. Making your own compost can sometimes be tricky but luckily, due to its incredible ecological benefits, there are many compost- makers who share free instructions online.

5. Provide adequate watering

Learn the thirsty habits of your plants. Water slowly and watch for proper drainage at the bottom of the planters. Have in mind that some pots require more watering due to their specific material.

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