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Home-Made Anti-Cellulite Scrub of Only 3 Ingredients:

Cellulite is, to many women, no.1 beauty enemy. Not only does it look unpleasantly but it also signifies that our body has piled up certain toxins. In order to eliminate cellulite, you have to change certain aspects of your routine.

In general, poor diet, lack of physical activity, hormonal disbalance and low metabolism may cause cellulite.

On the market today, you may find a number of solutions for reducing cellulite, however, not many are effective. It is very important to massage the affected areas but only professionally as bad anti-cellulite massage may cause bruises and broken capillaries.

If you change some of the habits in your lifestyle, you will nurture and take care of your body better and therefore reduce cellulite.

Here is a recipe for a home-made coffee scrub that effectively combats cellulite:

1. ¼ cup ground coffee (or moka pot leftovers)

2. 3 tbsp of sugar (any type)

3. 2 tbsp coconut oil (or olive oil)


Mix all the ingredients together. Massage the cellulite- affected areas with your hands and fingers for a few minutes. Rinse well. Use this treatment up to 3 times per week.

Make a bigger quantity of this scrub and store it in a dry and dark place.

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