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Healthy Pantry: Tips on Organizing Your Home for Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Healthy eating and staying fit depend on your determination and nonetheless, organization. One of the best ways to make sure that you stay away from junk food and follow a healthy diet is to keep your kitchen and pantry well organized and stocked with your healthy food necessities. Yes, cleaning and reorganizing your pantry may sound tedious but trust us, it’s worth every single way of the effort!

If you enjoy cooking or you just find your kitchen to be a relaxing space, then you’ll love to have a tidy, pretty- looking nook in your home.

The first step is to grab your to-do list and plan ahead. Begin the organization of your pantry when you’re in the need of grocery shopping. That way, you will spend less money on products you buy on a whim, but you’ll get what you actually need.

Make a list of products you mostly need or love and keep it on your pantry wall. Next time you open the door, you can just tick or cross your diet essentials.

Healthy food can be pricey, but you can eat well even when you’re on a budget if you are organized.

First, fill out your pantry completely and clean and was all the shelves, boxes, jars and storage cases inside. Toss or donate any excess food items you won’t use or eat and cook the products that are close to expiry date.

Get clear containers if you can so you can quickly and easily detect the ingredient you need. Sealable containers also keep moisture and pests away. Add labels to containers if needed or just to give them an extra aesthetic touch.

Start filling up your pantry by grouping food. Set up batches of breakfast food such as grains, coffee or cereal or condiments and jarred vegetables, fruits. Add your cans next to a basket of nuts and dried fruits. Place bulky items such as paper, baskets, bottles of water at the bottom.

By using the hanged to- do list on your pantry wall, as we’ve mentioned before, you can just throw a glance at the clean containers, see what’s running low and add it to the list for your next grocery shopping.

Here is a list of healthy cooking supplies you may find useful to stock in your renewed pantry:

  • Baking: organic cane sugar, raw honey or maple syrup, flour (wheat, almond, semolina), baking soda, natural vanilla extract

  • Breakfast: cereal, oats, coffee, granola, seeds, wholegrain crackers

  • Dinner: pasta, rice, quinoa

  • Condiments: salad dressing, canned goods, ghee, soup and broth, sauces

  • Snacks: seeds, nuts, nut butter, dried fruit, bananas

After you’ve completed your shopping list, make a short plan of your weekly meals. Scan the inside of your cupboards and the fridge, and you are ready to hit the stores! Stick to your shopping list and try to resist buying snacks and processed food. Use and app for products and calorie value and have it always at hand. Also, you can combine this with an app for a to- do list.

Once you have completed the initial preparations of your pantry, you will feel a big relief next time you're in the kitchen. Wondering if there's more coffee left? Just throw a glance at your clear container and there you go! Last-minute cookies with raisins and oats sound like a great idea now that you've got full supplies at hand that save your time and energy.

Now that you have a neat pantry full of healthy choices, you are ready to start your new journey toward a healthier you or just follow your lifestyle which treats health as the upmost priority.

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